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  • Mar 20
    TO Oct 9
    Peter Milton: Etching Enigmas
    March 20, 2016October 9, 2016
    Location: Evergreen Museum & Library Price: Included with paid museum admission and on view as part of the guided tour or $3 exhibition only.

    Peter Milton is an internationally respected titan of etching who has enjoyed a long and fruitful career in printmaking. His large-scale, multilayered images defy visual logic while telling fantastic stories about life, loss, music, and art. Over the course of more than 50 years, Milton has created intricate visual worlds in more than 130 prints, many of which took well over a year to make. In this exhibition, his copper plates and preparatory materials—being shown for the first time alongside the final prints—shed light on the innovative techniques Milton devised to give visual life to his enigmatic tableaux. To learn more about the artist, visit http://www.petermilton.com/.


    For more information about the exhibition, click here.


  • Mar 20
    TO Oct 9
    Eda Sterchi: Embodying the New Woman
    March 20, 2016October 9, 2016
    Location: Evergreen Museum & Library Price: Included with paid museum admission and on view as part of the guided tour.

    This focus exhibition highlights a recent gift to Evergreen Museum & Library of Two Women in an Interior by the twentieth-century American painter Eda Sterchi, a highly independent woman for her time. Trained both in Chicago and Paris, Sterchi was profoundly influenced by Japonisme and European modernism, particularly the Nabis—Bonnard, Denis, and Vuillard. The installation explores Sterchi's aesthetic choices and subject matter, partiularly in relation to the emergence of the bold and free-spirited "New Woman" from the role of obedient Victorian housewife.


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  • Apr 2
    TO Oct 1
    Edible Evergreen Kitchen Garden Course
    April 2, 2016October 1, 2016  |  9:30 AM11:30 AM

    Class meets april 2, may 21, june 11, august 20, october 1

    Location: Evergreen Museum & Library Price: 110 public; $90 members (nonrefundable, but transferable with advance notice).

    Classes will be held rain or shine. Registration includes museum admission on day of class. Class size limited to 20 and advance, pre-paid registration required. The registration fee will be pro-rated after the course has begun. For more information and to register, call 410.516.0341.


    This five-part kitchen garden course presented at Evergreen Museum & Library by Gertrude’s Restaurant chef John Shields and farm manager Jon Carroll highlights three seasons of sustainably growing and preparing fresh organic produce. The series includes hands-on gardening workshops in the restaurant’s garden at Evergreen, cooking demonstrations, a chef’s tour of the Waverly Farmers’ Market, and a concluding fall harvest luncheon at Gertrude’s. Participants will receive printed material on home kitchen garden planning and growing techniques, and recipes incorporating the featured crops.


    Saturday, Apr. 2, 9:30–11:30 a.m., at Evergreen

    The first class in the series will cover garden planning and design, and growing organic fruits and vegetables from seed.


    Saturday, May 21, 9:30–11:30 a.m., at Evergreen

    The second session will include making raised beds, supporting plants, planting seedlings, and a cooking demo by Chef John Shields.


    Saturday, Jun. 11, 9:30–11:30 a.m. at Evergreen

    The third session will go over composting, harvesting, saving herbs, watering, weeding, pest control, and will include a cooking demo by Chef John Shields.


    Saturday, Aug. 20, 9:30–11:30 a.m. at Evergreen,
    with an optional tour of the Waverly Farmers’ Market with Chef John Shields at 7:30 a.m.

    The fourth session will cover planning for fall crops, freezing vegetables, and turning the garden over for fall, and will include a cooking demo by Chef John Shields.


    Saturday, Oct. 1, 10–11:30 a.m. at Gertrude’s, followed by lunch.

    The final session, held at Gertrude’s Restaurant, will cover the winter garden, and will include a vegetable/fruit canning demo by Chef John Shields. The series concludes with a fall harvest luncheon.


  • Apr 8
    TO Sep 4
    High Dynamic Homewood
    April 8, 2016September 4, 2016
    Location: Homewood Museum Price: Included with paid museum admission and on view as part of the guided tour or $3 exhibition only.

    Bringing together the talents of undergraduate students in Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Visual Arts, this group exhibition presents unique photographic visions of Homewood Museum, combining traditional black-and-white practice with digitally manipulated imagery using high dynamic range. The photographs on view share the stories of Homewood’s former residents through modern techniques that expose all the shadow and highlight details of the historic, architectural interiors.



    Madison Aldave, A&S '16

    Cinar Ark, A&S '16

    Nirali Chauhan, A&S '16

    Chloe Duke, A&S '18

    Michelle Farhat, ENG '16

    Carli Heiman, A&S '17

    Cara Horsfield, A&S '18

    Emily Karcher, A&S '17

    Jenna Reifler, A&S '16

    Janay Smith, A&S '17

    Phyllis Arbesman Berger, photography instructor

  • May 17
    TO Sep 11
    An Invisible World Made Visible: The Infrared Landscapes of Phyllis Arbesman Berger
    May 17, 2016September 11, 2016
    Location: Evergreen Museum Library Price: Included with paid museum admission and on view as part of the guided tour.

    Infrared photography can appear dreamlike or mystical, sometimes even lurid. Infrared’s radiant energy documents a world beyond what is before us at first glance, beyond the visible spectrum of light. This solo exhibition showcases Baltimore photographer Phyllis Arbesman Berger’s sensitive mastery of infrared techniques through the theme of landscapes—natural and manmade—in France, Ireland and Panama.

  • Jul 10
    The Carrolls' 216th Wedding Anniversary Tea Party
    July 10, 2016  |  1:30 PM3:00 PM
    Location: Homewood Museum Price: $33 public, $28 members

    Very limited seating; advance reservation is required. Please call 410.516.5589 to make your reservation.

    Celebrate the 216th wedding anniversary of Charles Carroll Jr. and Harriet Chew Carroll by savoring a traditional afternoon tea at their country house, Homewood. Learn about the lives and lifestyle of one of Early America’s wealthiest and most socially prominent families as you dine in the elegant reception hall, designed to be one of the coolest rooms in the house during the summer months. Classic finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, seasonal fruits, and pastries will accompany fine black and fruit teas and a celebratory Champagne toast.

  • Sep 19
    TO Sep 25
    Annual Evergreen Director's Trip: Mexico City
    September 19, 2016September 25, 2016

    Register by May 15.

    Price: $3,200 per person ($600 single supplemement)

    Open to Members of the University Museums only. A deposit of $600 is due by May 15. Final payment is due by July 15. Please email or call 410.516.0341 for more information or to be added to our Travel Program mailing list.

    Join James Archer Abbott, the Philip Franklin Wagley Director and Curator of Evergreen Museum & Library, on an extraordinary exploration of Mexico City inspired by Ambassador and Mrs. Garrett’s many years of friendship with the Mexican artist, writer, and anthropologist Miguel Covarrubias (1904–57).

    Today’s Mexico City is a beautiful and vibrant city, with plazas and palm trees, murals by Mexican masters, and contemporary street art. Its rich, 1,000-year history intermingles distinctly modern atmospherics created by stunning contemporary art and architecture. We will visit Aztec ruins, tour some of the city’s great fine art and cultural institutions, and share in the energetic modern culture of this most exciting North American city. Throughout the tour, great meals are provided at
    top restaurants, affording a varied sampling of Mexico’s wide-ranging cuisine.

    Download the Itinerary and Registration Form (PDF)

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