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  • Jan 15
    TO Mar 21
    The Many Faces of George Washington
    January 15, 2019March 21, 2019

    Special Exhibition! 

    Price: Free with museum admission

    Soldier, statesman, patriot, planter, slaveholder: George Washington's legend has evolved with time. This traveling panel exhibition reveals the complex man behind the myth.

    “The Many Faces of George Washington” looks at Washington’s leadership in the exhibition’s seven sections: Virginia Childhood, Risk Taker, Realistic Visionary, Wise Decision Maker, Impassioned Learner, Visionary Entrepreneur, and At Home at Mount Vernon. Produced by George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, in conjunction with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, this exhibition presents the many different facets of Washington’s leadership through dazzling color graphics of paintings, photographs, and iconic objects from the Mount Vernon collections.

    At Homewood, exhibition materials are supplemented by objects drawn from Johns Hopkins University collections and regional history museums. The unique amalgam of objects furthers the ongoing public conversation about the promise and paradox of Washington, who is as celebrated for his leadership today as he was upon his death 220 years ago.    

  • Feb 14
    TO May 3
    New Acquisition: Drawings by Aaron Sopher
    February 14, 2019May 3, 2019
    Location: Evergreen Museum & Library Price: Free with Museum Admission

    Born to a large Jewish family in East Baltimore, Aaron Sopher (1905–72) became one of the most prolific and inimitable illustrators of the mid-twentieth century, capturing the world as he saw it for America’s leading periodicals, including The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and The Baltimore Sun, where he worked as a freelance illustrator.

    In November 1962 Sopher was commissioned by The Baltimore Sun to illustrate a series of letters between its film and drama critic, R.H. Gardner, and a reader using the name Lorry Quakenbush. The letters revealed Quakenbush, a self-described "semi-literate pool hustler," to be a sensitive and perceptive foil for Gardner.

    The six sketches in this focus exhibition reveal Sopher's process as he sought to capture this most unusual penpal in pen and ink.  

    This exhibition celebrates the recent gift of thirty-four drawings by Aaron Sopher to Evergreen Museum & Library from Chris Bready. The exhibition is guest curated by Bella Smith, a senior at Baltimore School for the Arts and Evergreen's Summer 2018 Bloomberg Arts Intern.

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