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Baltimore’s Great Architecture

Homewood shares the city of Baltimore with many unique and outstanding buildings created over the last several hundred years. The museum's annual Baltimore's Great Architecture lecture series brings speakers from prominent museums and universities, and experts in architecture, history, fine arts, decorative arts, and historic house museums, to Baltimore to discuss a featured architect, building type, or architectural design feature. Our fifteenth anniversary season will focus on Rural Retreats: The Country House and its Landscape, with programs scheduled on October 19, 26, and November 2. For more information about the lecture series please visit our calendar.

  • 2015

    Rural Retreats: The Country House and its Landscape / October 19, 26 and November 2, 2015

    Jenny Carson, Maryland Institute College of Art
    Working Farms and Scenic Views: The Traditional of the Estate as Landscape in Maryland, 1770–1820
    W. Peter Pearre, AIA
    The Baltimore Country House: Suburban Villas in the Early Republic
    Mark Reinberger, University of Georgia & Elizabeth McLean, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
    The Philadelphia Country House: Architecture and Landscape in Colonial America
  • 2014

    The Archaeology of Interiors / October 6, 20 and November 3, 2014

    Matthew Mosca, President, Artifex, Ltd.
    An Examination of Historic Finishes: Recent Discoveries Inside Homewood
    Steve Larson, Co-Founder, Adelphi Paper Hangings
    Reproducing the Locust Grove Arabesque
    Thomas Reinhart, Deputy Director for Architecture, George Washington’s Mount Vernon
    "We Are Always in the Power of Workmen": The Creation, Preservation and Restoration of George Washington's "New Room"
  • 2013

    Monumental Baltimore / October 21, 26, and 28, 2013

    Mary Ryan, Ph.D., John Martin Vincent Professor of History, The Johns Hopkins University
    "The Monuments of Baltimore, 1809-1842"
    Lance Humphries, Ph.D., Restoration Committee Chair, Mount Vernon Place Conservancy
    "Baltimore's Washington Monument: Restoration Plans for a Third Century"
    Cindy Kelly, Independent Art Historian, Author, and Public Art Consultant
    "Smith, Armistead, and Key: Memorializing the Heroes of the War of 1812"
  • 2012

    With an Eye for Detail: Style & Substance in Federal Baltimore / October 8, 15, and 22, 2012

    Richard Guy Wilson, Professor of Architectural History, University of Virginia
    "Creating an American Architecture: The Federal and Early Republic Period, 1783-1820"
    Bernard Herman, Professor of American Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    "Celebrating Creativity in the Details"
    Gil Schafer III, AIA, Architect and Author, New York City
    "The Enduring Appeal of the Federal Style: Classical Tradition for the Way We Live Now"
  • 2011

    History in the Landscape / October 10, 17, and 24, 2011

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    Michael Olmert, Professor of English, University of Maryland, College Park
    "Privies: Necessary and Sufficient"
    Barbara Paca, Landscape Architect and Historian, Annapolis, MD and New York, NY
    "Paradigms of Democracy: Gardening & Agricultural Pursuits of Maryland’s Founding Families"
    Outerbridge Horsey, Architect, Washington, DC
    "Architecture of Delight: The American Garden Folly"
  • 2010

    The Porch in America / October 11, 18, and 25, 2010

    Mark Schara, AIA, National Park Service
    "The American Porch: Selections (and Adventures) from the Historic American Buildings Survey"
    Wendy A. Cooper, Winterthur Museum & Country Estate
    "Painted Furniture for Garden Rooms, Porches, and Lawns, 1790–1825"
    Allan Greenberg, AIA, Allan Greenberg Architect LLC
    "Porches, Porticoes, and the Architecture of Democracy"
  • 2009

    Green Homewood: Cultural and Environmental Sustainability / April 25, 2009

    Suzanne Frasier
    “Green Homewood: An Analysis of Homewood's Sustainable Design”
    Jeremy Kargon
    “Homewood and the City: Geography, Ecology, and Infrastructure”
    David Gibney
    “Restoring Window Sashes”
    Adam Gross
    “College Campuses: Learning Labs for Environmental and Cultural Sustainability”
    Mary Roby
    “Building the Green Around Us”
  • 2008

    Andrea Palladio from Rome to Baltimore / April 11, 2008

    A symposium held in conjunction with the exhibition Harmony to the Eyes: Charting Palladio's Architecture from Rome to Baltimore, March 14-June 17, 2008, at The George Peabody Library Exhibition Gallery. The symposium was supported by funding from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. Download the brochure.

    Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks
    “Palladio's Rome”
    Guido Beltramini
    “Ancient Battles”
    Tracy E. Cooper
    “Palladio's Publics”
    Calder Loth
    “Palladio's Influence in America”
    Edward C. Papenfuse
    “Laurence Hall Fowler and the Maryland Hall of Records: The Architect as Archivist and Architectural Historian”
  • 2007

    The Architecture of Maryland's Agriculture, April 14, 2007

    Judith Proffitt
    “The Lay of the Land: The Outbuildings at Homewood”
    Melissa Blair
    “The Practical Farmer: The Layout of Three Maryland Farmsteads from 1750, 1800, and 1820”
    Susan G. Pearl
    “Antiquated and Influential: The Flemish and Octagonal Barns at Riversdale”
    Ken Short
    “Homewood's Barn Revisited: English and German Models for Maryland's Barns”
    Vince Vaise
    “250 Years of Service and Survival: The Agricultural Outbuildings at Hampton”
  • 2006

    Palladian Baltimore: Builders and Bibliophiles / April 1, 2006

    John Buchtel
    “Palladio in Baltimore: An In-Person Look at The Four Books and More From the Catalog of the Library Company”
    Carl and Sally Gable
    “Palladio's Villa Cornaro”
    Lance Humphries
    “Architecture as Representation: The Morris Suite of Baltimore Painted Furniture”
    Catherine Rogers Arthur
    “Palladio and the Practical House Carpenter: Influences on Homewood”
    Lynne Dakin Hastings
    “From 'Virtuous Ancients' to Exuberant Abundance: Architectural Influences at Hampton Hall”
    Peter Pearre
    “Mount Clare: An Annapolis House in Baltimore”