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  • Mar 25
    Charles Carroll of Carrollton Portrait Reveal
    March 25, 2019  |  6:00 PM8:00 PM

    Exclusive Upper-Level Membership Event

    Location: Homewood Museum Price: Free for members at Contributor-level and above ($250+ annually)

    Exclusive membership events are a benefit of Contributor-level Membership and above ($250+). Upgrade your Membership to attend this special evening at Homewood Museum. Call 410-516-8327 or email for more information.

    Five years ago, Homewood Museum was given a portrait of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the father of Charles Carroll of Homewood and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. When it arrived, the painting was in need of extensive restoration but was thought to be in the style of—or possible a long-lost portrait by—famed 19th-century American portraitist Chester Harding. Now, with work completed and the painting hanging proudly in the museum's Drawing Room, Homewood hosts this exclusive reveal party in appreciate of the JHU Museums' upper-level members.  

    Listen as fine art conservator Heather Smith, frame conservator Bill Adair, and JHU art history major Julianne Schmidt describe the restoration process and discuss what secrets the portrait has yielded—and what answers remain elusive. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres served. 

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