The LIfted Veil

April 26 – September 25, 2022

Evergreen Museum & Library, North Wing Gallery

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For many years, fine art photographer Phyllis Arbesman Berger saw the world through a cloudy veil because of cataracts. During that time, she concentrated on making images in black and white. And then a miracle: cataract surgery and the world came alive in blazing color, full of intensity, as well as dreamy subtlety.

This group of photographs, ranging from infrared to color, shows how her view of the world has changed by revisiting photographs of her favorite places in Ireland; Brittany, France; and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and reimagining them in glorious technicolor through the magic of Photoshop. The exhibition is free and will remain on view in Evergreen’s North Wing Gallery through September 25, 2022.

The Lifted Veil
"View from the Edge: Cliffs of Moher County Clare, Ireland" by Phyllis Arbesman Berger

About the Artist

Phyllis Berger BFA, MFA Maryland Institute college of Art is the Photography Coordinator for the Center for Visual Arts at the Johns Hopkins University where she has been an instructor for the past 26 years.

As a practicing fine art photographer Berger is a recipient of two artist residencies in Rochefort en Terre, Brittany, France, where she pursued her love of the landscape, and she has shared this passion with JHU students with courses in Ireland and Australia. Berger has been a lecturer for JHU Alumni Journeys in Croatia, The Galapagos Islands, Peru, Costa Rica and Panama.

Her work is in numerous private collections and has been shown at the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Museum of Rochefort en Terre, the Hopkins Review (where she was a photo editor), and in the collection of the Banneker-Douglass Museum.