In addition to and accordance with the Sheridan Libraries and University Museums Rights and Reproductions Policy, Evergreen Museum & Library adheres to the following policy regarding visitor photography of the Museum’s interior and exterior spaces.

Photography and videography is permitted in the following spaces of Evergreen Museum & Library

  • The Kitchen
  • The Second-Floor Galleries
  • The Gold Bathroom
  • The Bakst Theatre (including Lobby area)
  • The Far East Room
  • The North Wing Gallery
  • Evergreen’s front lawn, side lawn, terrace, and Upper Gardens

Provided that you are:

  • A paying visitor or other approved guest
  • Creating and using the images only for non-commercial, personal use
  • Not using any professional equipment, including but not limited to: tripods, lights, ladders, and costumes
  • Not disrupting or endangering any persons, property, or wildlife

PLEASE NOTE: This policy may be revoked at any time at the discretion of Evergreen Museum & Library’s Director/Curator or a deputized representative of the Museum or its parent institution, the Johns Hopkins University.


  • Can I take photos/videos inside Evergreen Museum & Library?

    Yes! You are welcome to take photos and video inside the Kitchen, Second-Floor Galleries, Gold Bathroom, Bakst Theatre, Far East Room, the North Wing Gallery, and/or permitted outdoor spaces, provided you are an authorized visitor to the museum, are not using a flash or professional equipment, are not disruptive, and use your photos and/or videos only for non-commercial, personal use.

  • Provided I follow all of the above rules, can I publish my photos/videos to my social media page(s)?

    Yes! We love it when people share their experiences at Evergreen Museum & Library. Please remember to tag us. We are on Instagram (@EvergreenMuseumAndLibrary) and Facebook (@EvergreenMuseumLibrary).

  • Why can’t I take photos/video in all the rooms?

    Photography may be prohibited or discontinued in order to protect the historic building, the collection, and/or any persons. This could include, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:

    • Privacy or publicity issues exist
    • The object is not fully owned by Evergreen Museum & Library
    • Copyright or contractual restrictions specified by the creator or donor preclude access
    • The space is not conducive to easy photography/videography


  • What do you mean by non-commercial use?

    Non-commercial use means any use or activity where a fee is not charged and the purpose is not the sale of a good or service, and the use or activity is not intended to produce a profit. Examples of non-commercial use include, taking photos for personal keepsakes, for education purposes, or for private research.

  • What do you mean by “other approved guest”?

    This means any person or persons at Evergreen with the full knowledge and approval of the museum director/curator.

  • How do I acquire approval to stage a photo/video shoot at Evergreen Museum & Library?

    This depends on the purpose of the photo/video shoot.

    • If the photo/video shoot is for a commercial purpose—including, but not limited to—television or film, wedding or engagement photos, or business promotion, please contact
    • If the shoot is for a media opportunity, please contact Associate Director of Communications & Marketing Amy Mulvihill at
    • If the shoot is for a student project or other educational purposes, contact Museum Coordinator Jeannette Marxen at